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Fort View Golf Course

annapolis golf1
For well over ninety years golfers have been teeing off at this course. Created in 1924, it was known first as the Albion Vale Golf Course. But it soon changed its name to the Hillsdale Golf Club in 1925 when the course struck a deal with William Perkins, the owner of the famous Hillsdale House Inn. He agreed to build a clubhouse and maintain and operate the course in exchange for having it named after his establishment.

The Hillsdale Golf Club originally occupied about 10 acres of rocky pasture and orchard on the former Goucher property. The holes were short and crammed together, but the golfers were few and the views were lovely! Through the years there have been a handful of owners and a few name changes along the way. Over time, holes were added to complete the 18-hole par 70 Annapolis Royal Golf Course that was familiar to many a golfer.

Tidal PowerTidal Power Generating Station

Nova Scotia Power's Annapolis Generation Station is one of only three tidal power plants in the world. Concerned with renewable energy for Nova Scotia.

Town of Annapolis Royal 

A beautiful community nestled in the Annapolis Valley, and originally inhabited by a strong Mi'kmaq community, the area became home in 1605 to some of North America's earliest European settlers. With an amazing history and an exciting present day, Annapolis Royal is a pleasure to behold for the visitor, a dynamic community with growing opportunity for business investment, and a home second to none for its residents.

Historic GardensAnnapolis Royal Historic Gardens

historic gardens new
The Historic Gardens comprises several themed gardens representing different periods in our history. La Maison Acadienne et Potager shows an early French settler's dwelling, the Governor's Garden is reminiscent of the period following 1710, while the Victorian Garden reflects the prosperous days of shipbuilding and vigourous trade of the 19th century.

Forte AnneFort Anne National Historic Site 

fort anne
Fort Anne National Historic Site of Canada is Canada's oldest - a present day reminder of a time when conflict between Europe's empire builders was acted out on the shores of the Annapolis River. It offers a sweeping view of the beautiful Annapolis Basin from the centre of Annapolis Royal. Museum exhibits highlight the history of the fort.

North Hills MuseumNorth Hills Museum

This small wood-framed house overlooking the Annapolis Basin was once the Rumsey farm and then the Amberman house before Robert Patterson, a retired banker, purchased it, named it North Hills, and filled it with his collection of English furniture, ceramics, silver and Georgian glass. When he died in 1974, Patterson bequeathed both the house and its collections to the Province.

Port Royal National Historica SitePort Royal National Historic Site

port royal
This national historic site features a reconstruction of early 17th- century buildings representing the former colony of the French who settled for a time along the Nova Scotia coast. Costumed interpreters and period demonstrations help recreate the look and feel of Port-Royal, one of the earliest settlements in North America. Visitors can also take in the panoramic view of the Annapolis River and Basin.

Raven Haven Beachside Family Park

Delap's Cove Wilderness Trail 

Kejimkujik National Park
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