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A Seafaring Maiden is located in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia on Granville Road, considered to be the oldest road in the country. Across the Annapolis River from the town of Annapolis Royal, the village of Granville Ferry takes its name from the larger township of Granville, created in 1759 to settle New England Planters. The village maintains many of its historic homes, built by the sea captains, ship builders, and merchants of the 19th and early 20th centuries, A Seafaring Maiden being an excellent example.

AnnapolisRoyal    Annapolis Royal, as seen from the front porch of A Seafaring Maiden

A short drive from A Seafaring Maiden down Granville Road, are several interesting and enjoyable sites. The North Hills Museum, provides an opportunity to view an impressive collection of English furniture, ceramics, silver and Georgian glass in a small wood-framed house overlooking the Annapolis Basin. The Melanson Settlement National Historic Site of Canada is the site of an Acadian family settlement in the former Port-Royal area, the foundation of which has remained relatively undisturbed for the past 250 years.

Port-Royal Habitation National Historic Site of Canada, a replica of the 1605 Habitation of Sieur de Monts and Samuel de Champlain, was built in Lower Granville on the original site and is an important and popular tourist attraction. For those who enjoy communing with nature, follow the sign to cross over the mountain to Delap's Cove. There you can take a hike, perhaps a picnic lunch and a good book as well, and be enveloped in the 'forest primeval', the cliffs and the Bay of Fundy, as well a lovely stream and waterfall. You will be rewarded by continuing your drive back down Granville Road as you will be treated to beautiful views of the Annapolis River and charming small communities culminating at Victoria Beach with the Digby Gut leading to the Bay of Fundy.

By staying at A Seafaring Maiden you can relax in it's quiet and quaint village setting yet be close to all the other many and varied sites and activities of the historic town of Annapolis Royal and surrounding areas. When crossing over the Annapolis River into Annapolis Royal; be sure to stop on the causeway at the Visitor Information Center and Tidal Power Station. You will be informed and amazed by this unique method of harnessing electricity from the power of the dramatic change in tides in the Annapolis Basin through a tour of North America's only tidal electric generating facility.

With spectacular views of the Annapolis River and its daily tide variance of up to 25 feet, Historic Fort Anne, and the town of Annapolis Royal, you will always have 'a room with a view' at the Seafaring Maiden.

We are located at GPS Coordinates -44° 44.879' , 65° 31.575'
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